Independent Artists
Beckler Entertainment has been supporting independent musicians, bands and artists for four years and we don't plan to stop. We represent, market and promote artists in all 50 states and 3 countries. Below are some of the hottest up and coming artists to date.


Artist and Label Services
As a full service media company we offer a wide range of services for the independent artist or label. Including, publishing consultation, branding, marketing and music promotion.

Are you an Independent Artist?
The Independent Artist Alliance is for you. Beckler Music established the alliance after years of providing services for independent artists around the country and noticing a lack of leadership in the music industry. We noticed artists ordering services here and there with really no direction or purpose. To our surprise we also started servicing artist who we're signed to record labels. When this happened we knew that we didn't have an opportunity, we had an OBLIGATION to the industry.
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Beckler Entertainment provides worldwide distribution through Record Union. Record Union has made it's mark as the new leader of independent distribution since it's inception in 2008. With their exclusive partnership with Sony and Tidal any independent artist has the ability to sign with Sony Entertainment or get discovered by the Tidal Rising Program. There is a lot of hype from the normal independent distributors, don't listen to it, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

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