Noise Gates: The 8 Step Guide to a Cleaner Mix | LANDR Blog

Noise. It’s woven into the beautiful audio that we work so hard to record—often not by choice. Your mix is where you translate your creativity into a polished finished product. The goal for all the individual tracks is to sit well in the mix and sound clear, concise and present… But noise sabotages that effort. Unwanted noise in your audio signal is one of the … Read More

What You Should Buy After You’ve Purchased a Camera

Have you finally made the jump to purchasing the camera you’ve been eyeing for some time? Here’s the gear that you should get next. Top image via The Film Look. Now, obviously once you’ve purchased a camera, you already know the vital things you need like batteries, a lens, and a memory card. However, once you’ve gotten the basic body build … Read More

BMI Songwriter Blog: How to Make Your Album Release an Event | MusicWorld |

You’ve spent years honing your writing chops, playing open mic nights, taking gigs. Now, after building a small but fierce following, you’re finally ready to head into the studio and record your debut album. The album comes out even better than you imagined it would. We’re not taking about the kind of “great” your grandmother thinks your music is…we’re talking … Read More

BMI Celebrates 15 Years at ACL With Must-See Lineup | News |

For the fifteenth year in a row, BMI will bring the best up-and-coming artists across all genres to the BMI stage at the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Music-enthusiasts can kick off each day at the legendary Zilker Park checking out some of the hottest BMI singer-songwriters and bands October 6-8 and 13-15. Bigger and better than ever, this year’s festival … Read More

Inside “Gizmodrome” With Composer/Drummer Stewart Copeland | News |

Throughout his long career, Stewart Copeland, former drummer for the Police, has continued to spread his talents across many fields, frequently surprising fans with what he accomplishes next. Whether recording as his alter ego Klark Kent as he did in 1980, making movie soundtracks or creating groundbreaking orchestral scores – as he did for Ben-Hur: A Tale of The Christ – Copeland … Read More

Harvey Weinstein Forced Out of His Own Company – Variety

Harvey Weinstein has been fired from the independent film company he co-founded and catapulted to Oscar glory, felled by a mushrooming sexual harassment scandal that has hobbled his status as a media mogul and left his future in Hollywood in jeopardy. The Weinstein Company’s board of directors has voted to remove Weinstein from the studio, leaving control of the company in the hands of … Read More

Goodbye Christopher Robin (2017) | Oh! That Film Blog

Like every other person in the world who was born after 1926, the adventures and misadventures of Winnie The Pooh were a constant presence during my childhood years. Though the names of author A. A. Milne and his son Christopher Robin are ones that seem have been etched on my brain since day one, it wasn’t until the trailer for Goodbye … Read More

Logan Lucky (2017) | Oh! That Film Blog

From Erin Brockovich to Ocean’s Eleven to Magic Mike, Steven Soderbergh has always been a filmmaker that has produced a varied and eclectic range of works, the majority of which I have immensely enjoyed. With his last directorial credit being the 2013 TV movie Behind The Candelabra, I was excited to see just what it was that made it him turn his attentions back to the … Read More

Justin Tranter: ‘Being an artist sucks. I’m just going to be honest…’ – Music Business Worldwide

The MBW Podcast offers a probing monthly audio interview with some of the true thought leaders of the global music business. The Podcast is supported by SoundExchange, which has paid out more than $4bn to artists and rights-holders to date. “I’m one of the weirder people in pop music – personally and creatively…” Five years ago, Justin Tranter’s music career was dangling by … Read More